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Telia concept-stores

> During 2009, ten new Telia-stores where build in Sweden. As part of them, this one can be seen at Täby galleria, Stockholm.

Over time people change their perspective of products and services. In order to keep up with the demand and product-range on the market, the arena for these products and services must be developed and re-designed continuously.

Latest projects

  • SAAB

    Digital Widget for SAAB.

  • Glasses

    Value based glasses for the mainstream teenager.

  • Telia Concept-stores

    Complete sale-solution and furniture design.

  • Electrolux

    Package design for premium vacuum cleaners.

  • Mobile Lunar Habitat

    Nasa has the intention to return to the moon in 2015.

  • Skara sommarland

    New logotypes for Skara sommarland.

  • GPS

    This GPS device is designed to be used with gloves on.

  • Hybrid engine

    Bachelor thesis.

  • Commute vessel

    A collaboration between designers and engineers.

  • Various sketches

    Sketching technique